Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wild Life Gardening

 The Lilac Tree is beginning to flower in earnest now.I spotted this early Bee flying around and drinking the nectar.The flowers smell so good.I have a daily fix of bending the branch gently down to my nose level.It reminds me of sweets,childhood,and springtime.I enjoy watching the Bees fly from flower to flower.I wander where this one lives?He filled up on lovely Lilac nectar.
 Another rogue visitor (can Squirrels be like pirates?) was this cheeky Squirrel.He has a softness for trying to pull the fat balls out of the ring feeder and eating them on the fence.When he grows tired of that he will eat the bird seed mix.I love the tail which swishes like an aircraft carrier man.It gets waved about like a flag.When hes not signalling with his tail then it rests on his back like a quilt.
 The Blackbirds have returned to the garden.They sing on the fence and hop across the garden.These are probably Russian Blackbirds that have flown into Yorkshire.Welcome Olaf!
 The beautiful Goldfinches are quite happy to eat Sunflower hearts by the conservatory window.They have amazing bouncy flight and sweet sounding song.They call out to each other all the time.Shouting here's the food.I need to buy a new Niger seed feeder as ours got smashed to bits.They do not seem to mind the Sunflower Hearts.
The flying insects have started to buzz around the garden.This Hover fly was alighting on the Dandelion.Our grass has been left to grow a bit and these traditional April flowers are taking advantage of the lack of mowing.
  The garden may be small (about one hundred feet by forty foot) but it is packed with masses of plants,shrubs,trees,flowers,and a small pond.I have seen Newts swimming about in our pond,and saw a Frog sunbathing before.I love how much we can see just outside the conservatory windows.

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