Monday, April 23, 2012

Saint Georges Day

 Its Saint Georges Day today,the patron saint of England.Alas its not really celebrated like the other countries saints (St Andrew,St David.St Patrick).World Earth Day yesterday was a wash out here.It poured down with rain most of the day.The garden is looking very lush and the grass is very springy underfoot from all the rain.The Mallus Braeburn has opened its first flower today.It remains overcast and with threatening clouds.I hope it stays dry so the Bee's and insects can pollinate our fruit Tree.
 The Sleeper Bed Strawberries have formed the first flowers of the year.These need pollinators too to form the lovely sweet red fruits.
 The Dicentra has grown about two feet in the air now,from being hidden underground.The Bleeding Hearts have started to form.These are lovely flowers and a dainty graceful plant.
 A surprise visitor was scurrying about under the cover of the Chinese Tree Peony,Daphne,and the Dicentra.The Squirrel and birds have been knocking food down.I found lots of dug holes before and wandered what kind of creature was doing it.The local Cats as well stared into this corner on numerous occasions,sniffing,and pawing the ground.
 He reminds me of Amazon from Trilby Street.This mouse has big ears,big eyes,and a sleekit tail.He spent lots of times dashing in and out.He also made for behind the raised sleeper bed between the timber and fence.He is cute posing here under the Camellia.He was amazingly quick and athletic jumping over a foot from the sunken border to the raised bed.
The magic in the sky happened late yesterday as the rain continued to fall.The sun shone and made a glorious rainbow.These are lovely to look at,and nice to try to photograph.
  I have just been sat watching three Squirrels posture at each other and raiding the bird feeders.Amazon 2 has disappeared now.It is just been raining a little.Our Collared Doves are sat fluffed up on fence posts.It feels like a calm before the storm.

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