Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Showers and Garden Sounds

 I finished my three nights and got up about 3pm.It was a typical April day with sunshine and heavy showers.With all the talk of hose pipe bans and droughts its good to see the rain pelting down.The conservatory roof is PVC and the rain bounces off it with the acoustics of a drum.Its nice to look into the garden and stay dry.
 The stork wind chime was dripping raindrops.The chime itself has been wrapped around the hanging frog and needs untwisting.I think we bought the bamboo chime from a flower show.The cut bamboos gives a nice mellow sound when the wind blows the wooden clanger against the pipes.I love how the wind is transformed into a sound.Grasses and Trees offer sounds as well when the wind blows them.Sound is often neglected in peoples gardens.Sensory gardens will often have a noise element to them.
This is our resident Wood Pigeon called Hop A Long.He has a clubbed foot on the right side and walks about with an awkward gait.He has been feeding in our garden for over a year,and has attracted female admirers.When it poured with rain he sat on the shed roof stretching his wings like he was having a shower.Maybe the pelting water washed off parasites and dust.He loved the April shower.
  I need to sit down tonight and use my mobile phone pictures to decide what gets planted in which raised bed.There are currently nine raised beds at the allotment, with a tenth still waiting for a home.
 I have handwritten my seeds list with planting instructions.All the edible crops that I will be growing are listed.Now its time to decide what goes where and trying to remember what crops were planted last year.


Anonymous said...

Its a busy planting weekend for me too - I see a lot of my potatoes are coming through - it's been years since I grew them so will need to look up again about earthing them up. April and may are always so busy on the veg patch.

Gaz@AlternativeEden said...

I love the showers at the moment, we really need the rain, especially as we are on a hosepipe ban at the moment. Its great to get the garden watered and fill up the water butts!