Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Saturday

 The weather has cooled down over the past few days but the garden continues to keep growing on day by day.These Asiatic Lily's have over wintered in the big pots by the front door.They were filled with the Lily's that the Big Bulb Plant sent me.They are growing away like mad.They have brightly coloured flowers in bright pastel shades.I have a weakness for all kinds of Lily's.I have in the garden Tiger,Stargazer,Madonna,Water,and of course Asiatic.

The Himalayan Birch Tree has developed baby leaves from all the swollen buds.I will wait for this to grow thicker stems and for its beautiful white bark to develop.In the mountainous Himalayas this is used for paper for writing Buddhist texts.I think they use the trees for firewood,and even road safety signs,hence the Latin name Betula Utilis.This is planted so you can look at the tree from the front room.It is central but towards the front of the grass.
 Another favourite plant of mine that has survived the winter is this Kerria Japonica.The yellow flowers are like cheerleaders pom poms.I re potted it to try to encourage a bushier plant with more flowers.I think this is its second growing season in our garden.The cheery flowers are beloved by councils for roadside displays of colours.The double flowers are gorgeous.
 The Lilac Tree has lots more flowers this year.I counted fourteen lots of flower buds emerging from the terminal buds.I have not pruned it since I bought it.The Lilac scented flowers will be the glory of early Summer when they flower.This Syringa has variegated leaves and they smell of lilac too.It is sited by the conservatory door so the scent should waft past as you walk past it.I will probably be standing sniffing the purple blooms often.This tree is a blast from my earliest childhood memory's.The scent takes me back in time.
The Marsh Marigolds have bloomed by the edge of the pond.They are like bright yellow satellite dishes offering their nectar to passing bees.They glow like gold when the sunlight bounces off the curved petals.
The pond is still warming up.The Water Lily has survived the winter and is earnestly putting its leaves up to the surface of the pond.The green algae bloom is still being a pain.Once the Water Lily's leaves shade some of the ponds water it should clear.The water was lovely and clear last year.I keep looking for the Newts and Frogs that have taken residence up in the pond.The deeper water stopped them from being frozen solid.I split the Norfolk Reed and gave half to Hils for her allotment pond.My half is regrowing strongly.The roots act like filters for the water.
The Dogwood has grown these lovely pale yellow leaves that contrast nicely to the red stems.This plant was bought by my Mum from Harlow Carr.It is growing nicely next to the rampant Lupins,Bronzed Fennel,and two Geums.
 The sunken border was replanted by me after the builders had finished.It means I have forgotten where i moved plants.There are plants I can recognise like Aliums,Tree Peony,Aquilegia,Lupins,and Bleeding Heart.
  There are others that have started to grow through the soil and i cannot remember what they are.I will have to watch and wait to see what they turn into.There is a Peony Sarah Bernhardt which I thought I moved but could be growing where it was before!
 There are still masses of Tulips and even a few slow Daffodils that have not bloomed yet.The Fruit Trees are all showing signs of bud growth and new leaves on the Pear Tree.The Grape Vine has impressive leaf buds on two of the vines.Only one Fruit Tree is still either sleeping or dead,one from Asda.
  The rain is falling outside now.I hope to get to the allotment tomorrow if its dry.

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