Sunday, April 08, 2012

Stroud Farmers Market

 When we were away in Cheltenham we went to Strouds Farmers Market on the Saturday.Since I started growing my own fruit and veg I have been a fan of trying out local foods when ever we go away to somewhere new.I love cooking as well as growing the fruit and veg.This was the last Saturday in the month so there was also a Flea Market along Thread needle streets.Two markets for the price of one.
 There were around sixty stores selling a wide variety of food,drink,and ceramics in the Farmers market.They change sellers each week to keep people coming back.There were lots of tasters for you to try the various products.I wanted some Gloucester Old Spot sausages to bring back to Yorkshire.
This was the table at the end of the day.I had bought two lots of home made soups (curried Parsnip, and a Red Lentil Moroccan),Freshly baked Tiger Bread loaf,some Chorizo sausage from the curing man,Honey from a Wiltshire farm,a jar of Piccalilli,various Sausages including my Gloucester Old Spot,three types of cheeses,Chocolate Brownies,and some Books.I also bought Unpasteurised Goats Cheese and Duck Eggs from Cerney House on the same day.
 I thought it was great that local producers sell their products to local people.The only time I saw this in Wakefield was at the Rhubarb festival for 3 days.Farmer Markets help support local economies.If there is a selection of freshly produced meat,cheese,or veg then people go to support it.There was a lovely area where some boys were making tea and coffee for all the visitors and stall holders.It was a social gathering as well as a place to buy some delicious produce.

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