Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dragons Day:Lair And Gift

I thought it was going to rain lots today so I went into town to do some shopping.Cat was given a lovely white Rose from some Lady's riding Dragons through Trinity Walk Shopping centre.I wander if they were celebrating St Georges Day a few days early.
 I bought some Bird food at Wilkos,and saw a mini greenhouse packet in the garden section, labelled "Dragons Lair Grow Your Own Dragons Den".
 It has a red seed tray bottom,a clear greenhouse cover,soil,Black and Red volcanic rocks,and a petite model Dragon to stand in the plants.
The Seeds included are Dragon Tree and Black Dragon Coleus.It says on the packet if you cut the Dragon Trees they will bleed.I am easily swayed by slick packaging and well thought out concepts.I bought it!
 Cats Rose has been placed in a small silver vase,just big enough for a single stemmed flower.It has a mild scent of Rose.
 I loved the Lady's walking around in their Dragon Suits, dressed like pantomime dames.I spent the day watching films,TV,and cooking Gloucester Old Spot Sausages and mash for tea.
 The greenhouse seeds are starting to germinate.I have seen growth in the Galia Melon,Broccoli Waltham, Russian Tarragon,Basil,Chives, and a solitary Sweet Pea.They dont like being watched and I keep looking to try to encourage them to grow.
  It has been a lovely relaxing day in some unexpected sunshine.

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