Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harlequin And Garden Alchemy

 It was a cold day to go to the allotment.It did not rain but the wind made it feel colder than the eight degrees centigrade it was.I got busy today sowing the seeds in the raised beds.The nine new beds are visible on this photo.The old bed made with recycled wood is out of shot on the right hand side.The Rhubarb has gone berserk growing massively in the last few weeks,to the point of forming flower spikes.
 This photo shows the blue sky but also the thick cloud that covered the sun.I sowed Carrots,Peas,Parsnips,Turnips,Japanese Onions, and planted the Centurion Onion sets that i started in the greenhouse.I want to see if growing some roots and leaves before planting makes for better Onions after last years white rot disaster (none of Onions grew well).The Greenhouse has six more crops growing from seed.I got home and took my sketch drawing to plan what goes where.
 The allotment already had two types of Potatoes,Shallots,Garlic,Sage plants,and the Rhubarb.I need to decide whether to compost the last remnants of last years Leeks?
 This Pansy has been slug eaten but from the chair I sit at looked like a black and white Harlequin.I have a few seeds left to sow.Some Coriander seeds,Purple Haze Carrots,and some Runner Beans for the garden to grow for the flowers.It has been a mad month where all the Vegetable seeds have been sowed and the raised beds made ready.The weather forecast is for wind and rain after tomorrow.I can soon concentrate on clearing the rough edges of the plot and digging in my five bags of home made compost.
 Feeling the seeds in the palm of your hand, and then Sowing them in the soil is some gardening alchemy.Water,soil,and sunshine combine to produce hopefully beautiful Vegetables ready to be cooked and eaten fresh from the plot.Sowing the first new seeds into the freshly prepared soil is great and makes you hopeful for a good harvest.


Anonymous said...

You were busy! I planted a lot yesterday and should really have earthed up my spuds but ran out of time. I can't do it this week so will have to wait until next weekend - I hope its not too late!

I love the beds now they are all up. I'm way behind with my beans but since they can be planted all summer and my broad beans are all just flowering I have am being a little complacent. Isn't it an exciting time of the year?

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jane,It is a brilliant time of the year.I think your potatoes will be ok if you earth them up next week.I have already planted some French Bean seeds and today will sow some Runner Beans.The Runner Beans will be grown ornamentally in the garden, with occasional picking.I only have Swede left to sow in May.Now its the hard part of waiting for things to grow.

Gaz@AlternativeEden said...

It is all looking very tidy! you have been very busy. I love this time of year, the promise of new life, and the garden ahead.

The pansy looks good, shame it was nibbled