Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy Day & Flower Show Eve

Its been a very wet few days.After the doom and gloom of the hosepipe ban down south it has poured down with rain heavily here in Yorkshire.My frog rain gauge says 6cm of rain have fallen so far over these last few days.The ground is getting sodden underfoot now.I have finished my nights and was hoping to get to the allotment over the next few days.The best layed plans of mice and men.The rain is going to fall heavily until Saturday.The Tulips look lovely glistening with raindrops.The rain makes everything in the garden look vibrant and alive.

This Pigeon has been feeding in the garden today.He has been finding the scraps of food left by the scruffy House Sparrows and Blackbirds.They spray bird seed all over like a custard gun from Bugsy Malone.                                                                                                                                                  
   It is the Spring Flower Show tomorrow at Harrogate.We will take spare clothes,an umbrella,and hat to keep the rain off.I hope the organisers have a gazebo for the Bourbon City Jazz band who usually greet all the visitors at the main entrance to stop them getting soaking wet.The Show is one of the highlights of the year and there are over 100 exhibitors in the two flower halls.                  
Gardeners are hardy types so I'm sure the Yorkshire showground will be packed and doing a good trade.The first Flower show of the year heralds the start of the growing can see sumptuous flower displays and buy lots of bulbs,plants,and sundries to take back a souvenir of your visit.We have bought jute bags over the past two years getting cash back as I have spent up buying things at the shows.I love the Harrogate Spring Flower Show.The Camera batteries will be charged and ready to take photos for the blog.                                                                                                    


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