Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pond And Burnished Orange

 I watched gardeners world yesterday on the BBC I player.Monty Don is creating a large pond in his Longmeadow Garden.He was planting Hosta's around the edge of his pond.I may have to buy some Hostas for around mine.The wildflower area around is softens the edges a bit.The pond is in proportion to our garden.I saw a Frog and Newt the other night swimming in it.
This pretty Viola is exquisite.The plug plants Cat bought have turned out lovely in all the colours of the rainbow.I love my blue glass ball in the centre of the hanging basket that reflects the sky and the flowers around it.
 I sowed some flower seeds yesterday.Sweet Peas;Spencer Scented Mixed,David Bellamy,and William and Catherine.Some Four O Clock flowers(Mirabilis),French Marigolds,and some mixed Calendulas (Pot Marigolds).
 The greenhouse needs clearing of pots so I can spread out my seed trays.I love sowing seeds into fresh compost.Tipping the seed out into the palm of your hand to plant it.There is magic watching it germinate,then grow into a flowering plant.The sense of achievement at the end is massive.I have to work another two nights before I can get into the garden and plot.

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