Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

 It has been a productive day for this years Vegetable growing.I went to the allotment to plant my Potatoes,Pentland Javelin and Maris Piper.I planted my Shallots,and Garlic in the original raised bed.I used my Sage plants to mark out each area as they have survived over the winter.I will let them flower and attract the Bee's and flying insects.
   In the Greenhouse the Grape Vine has come alive.The white bunny tail like buds have grown into these Green Leaves.Only two of the vines have got the leaves on.Maybe the third one is asleep still?The Internet is awash with confusing information about Grape Vines.About when to prune them,how to prune them,what system to use to grow them.Mine is in a pot at the far end of the greenhouse with six foot trellis for it to grow up.I may have to let them grow along wires held onto the frame.It will be an educational year for me so I will write about the trials and tribulations of growing greenhouse Grapes.
 The Pear Tree William Chretien has the most advanced growth of all the new Fruit Trees.These Trees can all grow up to four metres tall eventually.I may have to prune them to keep them at a lower height for easier picking.I'm very excited about the prospect of fresh fruit grown organically in the garden.It will be a few years before they are fruiting though I bet.Luckily the Braeburn tree has masses of flower buds so I'm hopeful for a good harvest this year of eating apples.
I cooked a Roast Lamb dinner today and then spent the last few hours of daylight sowing Vegetable seeds in the greenhouse.I noticed it has now got rips in the plastic cover.The wind has made it move against the green frame.The little windows have frayed away so there is now visible daylight through the roof!
  I have two Nepeta (Cat Nip) plants growing on in the greenhouse.The local moggies demolished the one I had before by eating the plant to the ground.I thought if i grew them on a bit they might survive the summer.
 I want a proper eight foot by six foot greenhouse with glass and maybe a wooden frame.The concret base is already ready for it so i may get that at the end of this year.I can get a second growing season out of the greenhouse.I might have to cellotape the plastic cover!
 I sowed Chili Jalapeno,Sweetcorn Sunrise,Broccoli Waltham,Butternut Squash,and Dwarf French Beans.I still need to sow my Tomatoes and a small selection of flowers.Four O Clock Flowers,French Marigolds,Calendulas,Butterfly Bush,and a selection of Sweet Peas that we have bought from the flower shows.It is the Spring flower show at Harrogate in eight days.
  I enjoy growing Veg from seeds, but I love my flowers too.The garden has lots of Perennials so I do not need to grow as many flowers as I used to.I miss growing Busy Lizzie's from seed.Maybe I will do some because the chain stores wont stock them because they have become diseased.
  I enjoyed today.Getting my hands dirty planting and sowing seeds is good for the soul.

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