Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday 13th

Its Friday the 13th of April today.I spent a productive day sowing more seeds in the greenhouse and then taking some photos.This two tone Viola is growing on the same plant.The colour of each flower is a complete contrast.Maybe these were crossed a few generations back and now the plant is expressing all the colours>I love the purple and burnt orange colour of the left flower.These are some of the winter flowering plug plants we bought late last year.
Cats Hostas are all showing signs of regrowth.The leaves are like a Cuban rolled cigar.There are eleven containers and pots with Hostas growing along the path.The other Hostas are just peeking through the soil behind the green leaves.

The Marsh Marigold looked beautiful today shimmering over the ponds water.I think the algae bloom is retreating slowly as the oxygenating plants wake up.I have seen Newts and a Frog in the pond so it looks like it has not effected the wildlife.
The Apple Tree is festooned now with these flower buds on all the terminal branches.I think as its grown to its maximum height that it will now concentrate on fruit bearing lateral branches.I hope that the frost forecast for Sunday does not damage my blossom.

Another plant gearing up for masses of flowers is the Ceanothus.It has pretty green and yellow leaves and is covered in hundreds of these mauve coloured flower buds.These will turn to blue flowers that smell of Honey and drive the Bees wild.
As I'm spending more time in the garden and less in the house the birds have become increasingly relaxed to my presence.The House Sparrows and Blackbirds are quite happy to fly in when I'm there.This Female Blackbird loved my birdbath..
She immersed herself in the water and flung it everywhere.Like a child in the bath making big splashes.
I think its a good way of getting rid of parasites and dust from the feathers.A fresh supply of water in the garden will keep the birds hydrated and bathed.The Starlings also love using the birdbath.
The fiery Tulips have started to lose their shape but none of their beauty.I must remember to write down the name of the Tulips that I buy.Over time you forget what has been planted.

I got an email from the Edible Garden Show  whos show was in March.They had an Army Physiotherapist Major Peter Lefeuvre from the Headley Court Armed Forces rehabilitation centre, speaking in their experts theatre about the benefits of gardening to injured servicemen, green therapy.They opened the Greenhouse part of the project last year in Surrey which the video shows.They have now been given thousands of pounds of raised beds and plants from the Edible Garden Show.The stories of the injured servicemen touched the audience at the show.
This photo shows the servicemen and staff at the rehabilitation centre with the new raised beds.Gardening helps wounded soldiers with strength,mobility,and coordination.It also moves their rehabilitation outdoors and they develop new skills and interest which they can carry with them.I hope that the major can exhibit at one of the major flower shows soon.
  It is a great resource for our injured servicemen to try to recover from traumatic injury's,both physical and mental.The actual physical acts of digging,weeding,and watering all use different muscles.Planting seeds,nurturing and tending a plant is a choosing to care about something.It can be quite communal as well working with other people in the garden.
  I believe in the healing power of gardening.I have always believed that growing things and gardening can help your mental health and physical well being.The connection to the soil helps ground us,and makes us aware of the cycles of the seasons and how we are all connected.

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