Monday, April 02, 2012

Back Home Again

 We drove back to Wakefield today after a four day break down in Cheltenham.I still need to blog about Saturday and Sunday.A Farmers market,a secret garden,and a Wildlife sanctuary near to the river Severn.Mum had these blue Grape Muscari growing by the hedgerow.They look resplendent in their cobalt blue colour.I had seen a tri coloured one earlier,but these just sing with the green leaves below.They are a lovely Spring Flower.
These Red Tulips were growing in a pot by Mums backdoor.They did open when it got sunnier.I enjoyed coming back to look around our garden to see what had grown on.
 More of our Tulips have flowered,and the Fruit Trees have all had some bud bursting,and leaf formation.The only tree that is showing no signs of growth is the Howgate Wander.I will try to be patient but its hard.The Dicentra has grown massively and has developed its first flower buds, heart shaped pendulous flowers.
 The Betula Utlilis in the front garden has started to grow its first leaves since being planted.I think its roots have bedded down in the front bed.
 The weather men have predicted rain,and then maybe snow in the next few days.I am back to work tomorrow.I need to get to the allotment to plant my potatoes,Onions,and Shallots.A lot of my seeds need sowing in the greenhouse.I love the busy-ness of Spring Time in the garden.

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Lucy said...

Photographing Spring flowers has become my new favourite thing to do, although I can't seem to get a good close up of my muscari in focus.
Don't worry, you're not alone in your impatience, I find it really hard not to keep wishing the days away until the next thing flowers or I can plant more things outside!