Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April Snow And Showers

 The weather has gone slightly mad here.Last week it was blazing sunshine and hot March days.A mere week later we woke this morning to a snow covered garden.The Artic air has come down bringing freezing temperatures and the snow.It rained this afternoon and has washed away the snow again.All the plants took a slight battering.It is windy now but the rain has stopped.
  The garden needed some fresh rain or snow to top up its levels.Fallen snow will melt slowly and the water will find its way into the rivers,lakes,and reservoirs.
 The southern counties of England have introduced a hosepipe ban.The water levels there are some of the lowest since previous drought years.
  I mulched the sunken border here to try to maintain the water in the soil.It drys out otherwise too quickly and stresses the plants out.We have two water butts to catch the rainfall off the shed roof.I need the rain water to water the container plants and Roses during the long hot summer.
 Planting drought tolerant plants will also become a way of gardening.Gardens are our oasis of calm but we still live in an ever changing environment that we cannot control.
  I loved these Pansy's that were growing in Bourton On The Water outside Bird world.The orange petals are glowing hot.

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L said...

Will we still have a hose pipe ban, I wonder?