Sunday, March 25, 2012

British Summer Time

The Weekend has come and gone already.The clocks went forward at 1am this morning to take us into British Summer Time.
I took the raised beds up to the allotment yesterday.It was sunny today after a foggy night and morning.The warm sun made it nice to stand outside and see what was growing.
I love this fiery Red and Yellow Tulip, stubbornly still closed.It reminds me of a Mexican Wrestler Costume,El Diablo?The colours are vibrant and punchy.I hope its the same inside the flower cup.Yesterday this Orange Tulip flushed with green was clamped shut tightly.The sun today cajoled it into flowering.The orange petals glow above the soft olive green leaves.One of the flaming orange Tulips partially opened in the sunshine.The pastel yellow Tulips flowered yesterday and today.They have the colour of buttermilk.I love the dark stamen inside the cup floating above it.Some of the Tulips were planted in lots of barrel planters or pots.The sun illuminated through the flowers like a church window.Even the leaves seem to be alive in the sunshine.All the chlorophyll glowing.The Orange Tulip opened.It reminded me of the Statue Of Liberty's torch in New York.Fabulous flower.The bright flowers and warm sunshine have inspired the birds to start building nests.This female Blackbird was carefully hopping around the bin selecting the softest grasses and twigs for her nest high up in the neighbours Fir Tree.She spent ages selecting these materials for the nest.I am always amazed how birds use natural materials to construct nests.The Camellia finally flowered yesterday.Despite being trod on it has survived the conservatory being built.It has two other flower buds on it.The colour is lovely and bright.The move last year shocked it and it never flowered.The Hyacinths continue to perfume the garden with their fragrance.These were formally indoor ones that were planted in the sunken border.They have grown really well.We went out for Dinner today.I took a few photos before we went out.March is full of greens and pastel colours.The garden still has masses of Tulips that have not flowered yet.They are a beautiful addition to the garden.
I have three days to do the garden and allotment before a trip to Cheltenham on Thursday.

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Motormouth said...

Beautiful! My tulips arent up yet :)