Friday, March 23, 2012

Edge Of Glory

I took some photos yesterday of all the flowers that were teasingly almost flowering.I planted my Tulips last year late last year so they grew leaves but no flowers.They have survived over the winter and are growing beautifully with healthy leaves and solid stems.Their crowning glory will be when they open in their myriad of shades and colours.I cannot remember what Tulips I planted.The labels have washed away in the Yorkshire snow and rain.The Patio Apple Tree Braeburn has started to unfurl its Spring leaves,warmed up by mild temperatures and cool breezes.I re potted the Tree into a huge pot.It now has room to grow outwards to form more side branches.It is already over two metres tall.I hope that the blossoms all get pollinated by bees and turned into a bountiful crop of eating apples.A Solitary Parrot Tulip shows flashes of colouration on the outer petals.The flower buds are clamped tightly shut.I must resist the urge to peek into the petals to see what colour is beneath.This Tulip has pink lipstick almost on the uppermost edges of the flower buds.I bought Tulips I think in Red,Black,White,Yellow,and Blue.Normal Tulip shape and Parrot Tulips.I love the candy box colours they provide.Their arrival is always keenly anticipated by me every year.At the flower shows I will buy more Tulips.They have a habit of dying after a few years so need regular replacements.When they are in flower they are glorious signs of late Spring.The last plant on my teasing list is this Kerria Japonica.These yellow ball flower buds will unfurl to look like exploding yellow pom poms.The light green and yellow glows in March sunshine.I re potted this plant to try to encourage a bigger plant with more flowers.I want stems dripping in gold.
I am off work now for ten days so I can concentrate on gardening,taking photos,doing the allotment,and going to Cheltenham to see my Mum.Its going to be a good ten days with all these flowers on the edge of (blooming) glory.

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