Monday, March 26, 2012

Raised Beds 1 and 2

It is the first day of my week off.I went to the allotment today to start constructing the raised beds from the kits that I have.I had to dig these two from scratch as the weeds and grass have over ran the area in the winter.I have another eight beds to construct.Three of the beds need digging over still.The sunshine was out again,and it was a balmy nineteen degrees centigrade.I saw this Comma alighting on the brambles at the back of the plot.I cant wait for the beds to be ready so I can get to the exciting part of sowing seeds and planting the beds up.The weed clearing and digging is hard work.
My left hip and leg are hurting.I spent three and a half hours today down there.I will have to go back tomorrow and maybe Wednesday so it will be ready for when i come back from Cheltenham.
The Comma is a beautiful colour glowing in the sunlight.


Anonymous said...

Those look like linkabord to me.

I have constructed all my raised beds from them - brilliant for my London garden! I am just about to add an extra deck to the beds that I have planted potatoes in so that it will be easy to earth them up.

Hope your feeling less stiff soon

Gary said...

Over here, the old allotment stalwarts frown on raised beds, and so won't like the fact that we also are going to join the 'raised bed throng' currently at our site. In fact, while things are starting off in pots at home, we shall be down at our plot next week to construct them. Thanks for the good post....TTFN

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jane,thanks for the comment.the raised beds are made by Linkaboard and they are fantastic.They are so easy to put together primary schools use them to teach gardening to children.They can be deconstructed quickly and stored for use again.I also love they are made of recycled pvc.They are green coloured and organically green.perfect for the allotment..

Hi Gary,you look like you have been busy.I love how you sow big seeds and do the labels.Amanda does the small seeds.You have gorgeous Cats too.
The allotment is split two ways now.The old men with their totally cleared plots,regimented lines of veg,limed cabbage beds,and rotavators.The new plot holders are using raised beds as a way of keeping the plot clear.
two different approaches on one allotment site.