Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kissing Lips And Black Gold

I spent the day trying to relax at home.we went shopping to Asda before we started planting in the front garden.There were five David Austin Moliniux Rose bushes to plant,and a Himalayan Birch Tree to plant.The Betula will be vase shaped with beautiful white bark and nice dangling leaves.After all the work we did the photos do not do it justice!
We had to dig down beyond a foot of grass roots.We dug out five squares of grass to make the holes for the Rose bushes.Their year growing on meant they were full of healthy roots.They should take well in their new permanent home.The Himalayan Birch is now planted.The top leaf bud was just beginning to open so its not a moment too soon to plant it.I had to hack the grass away in a circular shape.I dug in plenty of organic compost to try and give the Tree a healthy start.I had one lot of bamboo fencing spare,so I stole a second panel from the pond to make a surrounding barrier to mark where the Trees bare soil should be.It was not perfectly circular and looks like a pair of kissing lips from the front room.The odd shape has a rustic charm.According to Bluebell Nursery's where I bought the Tree online I need to be patient.They think it will be two to three years before it shows its white bark.I had them cut off the main stem so it will grown vase shaped and not as tall as a single stemmed tree.
Cat and me worked well planting out the front garden.It looks really nice now.There are also pots by the front door with Asiatic Lily's growing again.I wander about some purple flowers trailing down where the grass drops down onto the driveway.The Moliniux Roses will flower with their brilliant Yellow Roses.
Now I have to be patient and remember to water our Tree every three days until it is well established.I cannot wait to see it grow into a mature specimen.
After we had done that I blended our Parsnip Soup and decanted it into containers for freezing.It will join the Tomato Soup,and the Carrot Soup already in the freezer.
I emptied the gardens first compost bin today.I managed to fill ten plastic bags with the black gold.These will be used to enrich the allotments raised beds once they arrive.The second compost bin is full to the top.I can now start again in the first bin.In about eight months the second bin will be ready to deposit its black gold (compost) for me.
Feeling it all soft and crumbly in my hand with no odour made me feel good.Its like gardening alchemy turning green waste into a useful garden enriching product!

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Garrett said...

What a beautiful tree