Monday, March 12, 2012

Plot Revival

This was the plot at the end of my fourth day of clearing the weeds.I have started at the far end and worked my way backwards towards the shed end.The purple Broccoli is still growing and needs clearing once it is fully harvested.Amazingly over the Winter this Garlic has grown through the Soil to form these lovely glowing green leaves.The white rot stopped the Garlic growing last year.It stunted the root growth and caused the leaves to wilt before any cloves were formed.It was sunny when I took the photo.It makes weeding more pleasurable when the sun is on your face.
This Rhubarb is growing slowly on the corner of the plot beneath the gigantic Gooseberry Bush.I like its off coloured leaves growing from the crown.I have about five crowns growing on.
The weeding and digging is like riding a bike.Painful at first,but it gets easier as time goes on.I am trying to clear as much as I can before my raised beds are delivered.I have also ordered two new Compost bins for the plot.I have nearly filled a 330 litre on already!I have three large green garden waste bags filled up too.The plot generates a huge amount of green waste.I will compost it all and then dig it back into the soil.
I dug up a row of Parsnips today and have tried to make some Parsnip Soup.I harvested the rest of the Swede too.The question is what to do with all the Leeks that remain?
I could make some Soup but the freezer is already full of Carrot soup,and Tomato Soup.I need to limit what I grow to what we can use.There always seem to be gluts of certain Veg at certain times.
I have spent the past two days at the plot.Tomorrow I will be spending time shopping at Asda,and planting our Silver Birch Tree.My legs and back ache from all the digging over.

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Anonymous said...

The joys of allotments - we always plant more than we need because so much gets eaten by predators but then when they don't eat it we are left with a huge surplus that we don't know what to do with.