Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sun Beauty

The Fiery Tulip finally opened in the boiling hot Sunshine.The colours are vibrant,with orange coloured by red wine.It has the impression of ink blot paper on the outer petals.I love how the flower opens up seductively to show its pollen laden stamen..The Tulip is a work of Natural Beauty.The overhead photo shows the diablo Tulip? (I cannot remember what it was called,it was planted five months ago!)
I spend the day down the allotment digging another two raised beds.There are four down now.I have to go tomorrow to construct the other five.Most of the soil has already been dug for them so I will not be as tired afterwards.
I took down four bags of homemade compost which is now on the four beds.It was beautifully crumbly organic material which will hopefully feed all the vegetable plants to come.
Spring days always reveal new flowers or growth.I am always waiting to see what has bloomed, or developed more.The garden is small but packed full of interest.

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