Monday, March 12, 2012

Flowers And Buds

The sun was shining yesterday and today.The Daffodils have bloomed in the spring weather.I love how they announce the changing of the season.The golden petals and orange trumpet are a welcome sight after winter.The centre of the trumpet glows like a medieval church daring insects to collect the nectar within.They are such perfect shaped flowers.There is a purity in their simple structure.I have maybe ten Daffodils growing around the garden.I want to plant more in the autumn so the border will be full of nodding Daffodils.Green and Yellow is the colour of a hopeful Spring.For the first time today I noticed that the over large leaf buds on my Lilac Tree were actually the flower buds.Like little Lilac Hyacinths the covering is teased off exposing the neat packets of Lilac flowers.There look to be about six flowering buds on the tree.It is probably two months away from flowering but I'm excited already.
The heady scent of the Lilac for a few weeks is worth the waiting the rest of the year.Its amazing what you can see if you take time to examine the small things that you are normally oblivious to.

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