Thursday, March 08, 2012

Garden Art

I spied this little blue flower growing in the sunken border behind the Rose pot.Its yellow centre glinted in the sunlight.I wandered if it was a little Viola.The close up photo shows it is the remnants of a Primula from last year.The warm sunshine has revived a lot of the plants that were looking raggedy over the winter.I want to get some Drumstick Primulas like I saw at Harlow Carr along the stream side garden.
The Winter Pansy's have revived with the Spring sunshine in the hanging baskets and pots.I put this Blue Glass ball into the basket.I think shiny spheres can look good in a garden reflecting the sun,sky,and surrounding plants.I think I found this blue glass at Fishponds Drive and took it with me when we moved here.I would like large shiny spheres in the sunken border.The Crocodile and Cat are still with us four years after I bought them from Hampsons.They sit on the path between the Hostas and the Buxus plants.I love how the Stone work has discoloured as it has aged.I love the fantasy of having figurines,and statues within the garden between plants.They help reflect the eclectic tastes of the gardener!The newest addition to the garden is the French Cockerel I bought from Hampsons the other day.He is sat proudly on the greenhouse base alongside the Peacock.The Pear Tree Bonne Chretian sits in front of the two metal sculptures.The Peacock is slowly losing all his gem stones that are stuck to his tail feathers.
I am off for a few days and will try to get to the allotment tomorrow.I am planning on buying some raised beds and constructing them on site.I want to make the allotment easier to keep weed free.There will be some kind of path covering between the raised beds.I can rotate crops between them.
The Spring weather warms the gardeners blood and makes you think about sowing seeds in pots in the greenhouse.

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Mark and Gaz said...

I love little objects in the garden. We have lots too makes it more fun for visitors (and us too)!