Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cats New Orchid

I bought this white Moth Orchid for Cat from the Asda Mothers Day plant section.It has gorgeous white flowers with a hint of yellow and pink in the middle.These Orchids look other worldly with their three dimensional flowers.Once these were rare,coveted,and collected from all other the world.One of my best gardening books is called "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orleans.This introduces you to the crazy world of Orchid lovers and collectors.I love the pure white of these flowers.In the camera flash light they glint like ice crystals.The Orchid is sitting on the kitchen windowsill next to my Scottish Frog.I planted the four Bearded Iris today in a long green planter.I hope they flower this year for me.I had two Iris in the sunken border but only one has survived the winter.I hope it flowers because I have lost both Labels!
The garden plants are continuing to stir.The Lilac Trees leaf buds have broken out.My Pear Tree has got the first bud opening.In the greenhouse the Grape Vines buds have started to swell along the vine.
Tulips have formed their flower heads but are carefully tucking them in.All the Roses have new red leaves growing all around them.In the soil the perennials have started to regrow.I love the surprise of seeing plants that have disappeared below the soil appearing again.
I will be able to get to the plot on Tuesday.I hope my raised beds will have been delivered by then.

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