Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Haze

It was a day of two halves again.The morning and early afternoon was spent up at the allotment.I got picked up by Cat (who brought us some Pink Lemonade to drink at the plot).I got home and found my hanging basket brackets that I ordered online have arrived.They slip on to the concrete fence posts and use the weight of the basket to secure the brackets brake pad.I found them originally at the RHS Tatton Park flower show 2011.Our winter flowering Viola has finally bloomed.This is such a delicate flower about the size of a five pence piece.It is deepy Purple,dark, and sultry.The nine raised beds have been constructed up at the allotment.The leeks are on the edge of the soil where the Potatoes will go next week.It was a swelteringly hot day.Im still sunburnt on my shoulders from the sun yesterday.I wore sunblock but not enough apparently.You can cook an egg on my shoulders.
I am going to see Mum tomorrow in Cheltenham.I will take the laptop so I should still be in contact.I hope the weather is as nice as the past two days.
There is one raised bed kit left over,but I do not know where to put it yet.I dug up the last of the Parsnips today,along with Leeks,and Purple Sprouting Broccoli.Two Broccoli plants remain untill next week.The Rhubarb is growing away nicely at the bottom of the photo.I now need to plan what is growing in what raised bed,and will make a series of paths to cover the soil between the raised beds.The majority of the plots Spring clean has been done.Now for the start of the growing season.

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Anonymous said...

I put my tatties in a couple of weeks ago - it has been so mild this month!
Everything is a little ahead of itself - I hope April doesn't go suddenly cold, but we could do with some rain. A hose pipe ban comes into effect on the 5th April.