Friday, March 09, 2012

Daffs And Digging

Some of the gardens Daffodils are teasingly close to flowering.The unfurling of the lovely yellow flower is a sign that Spring has sprung.It comes late to Kettlethorpe whereas other places have them in flower already.I saw some Lesser Celandine in flower today,and a few Dandelions,when I walked to and from the allotment.I must plant more of these golden trumpet Daffs for next year.I have about a dozen plants only.Today's tea will be pan fried pork steaks,with potatoes,and a selection of these harvested today allotment vegetables.The Leeks smelt divine in the carrier bag i brought them back in.I harvested a Swede and some of the late growing Purple Broccoli as well.Its great that the plot can still provide Vegetables in March.After a winter break I returned to the allotment last Monday for the first time in ages.The purple florets on the Broccoli plants made me smile.I had given up hope of them producing anything edible.Patience is obviously a virtue I don't have much of.I am learning how to wait now for plants to crop.The warm winter has caused the weeds and grasses to vigorously grow.The paths between the beds are especially covered in nuisance growth.I have spent two days down there now clearing sone of the beds of excess weeds and couch grass.I measured today for the raised beds that I want to buy online.
I think having raised beds will make it easier to keep weed free.I will use black tarpaulin between the beds and maybe bark chippings on the pathways.
I will grow Potatoes between the raised beds where there will be bare soil.Maybe a quarter of the plot will still be open soil.
It is hard work clearing soggy clay soil but it turned beautifully.The previous two growing seasons have helped turn it from clay to chocolate brownie mix.
The garden looks quite nice and does not need much doing to it.The attention turned to preparing the plot for planting at the end of March.The soil was still cold to touch today.
In a weeks time there is one of the earliest garden shows.The Edible Garden show showcases all that's modern in growing your own fruit and veg,and small holdings.There are celebrity chefs,gardeners,a livestock marquee,talks and events on all three days,and lots of exhibitors to help you take some goodies home.
Alas I'm working nights otherwise I would have liked to go to it.I would have liked to see James Wong speaking.He is one of the new young presenters of Grow Your Own Drugs.He likes people to try growing exotic fruits and Vegetables.The show is at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire,and runs from March 16Th to 18Th 2012.
The Daffodil flower bud shows me that the days are getting lighter earlier and that Spring sunshine will be here soon.

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