Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blue Grapes

Growing in the front garden under the shade of the massed rows of Daffodils is this Muscari. It has the look of a thin bunch of blue grapes.
Its the first of April today. The Easter bank holiday weekend is nearly here.The weather here is alternating between pouring rain to occasional sunshine.
The rain is due to arrive in the afternoon tomorrow on good Friday.
I hope the weather holds in the morning for the construction of the Shed base up at the allotment. Under the watchful eyes of Cats Dad (a retired Architect) we will use the stone slabs, and some building sand that we need to buy later today to lay the foundations for the shed.
The sunshine will hopefully dry the allotment mud that we left the other day.
We nearly have a moving date now. The houses papers are with the solicitors. I must stop admiring this garden and start planning the new one.
The sunshine illuminates the many greens of the growing plants, and the yellows of the Daffodils and Red of the Tulips. I have worked magic on this garden. My green fingers will get to work soon on a brand new virtually untouched garden at the new house.


Georgina said...

Hey Bruv, I did a Blogspot entry just for you, it's got all Plant Names in it! Love Sis x

Mags'n'Bags: What's in my garden?

hazel tree said...

mmm, the rain and sunshine are working together to produce some wonderful moments of illumination, especially in the woodlands. Good luck with the new garden...