Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Veg And Flowers

The day has been like a game of football.... with two halves. The first half of the day was spent at the allotment. The second half was back at the house cutting the grass for the first time this year. I picked an entire container of Dandelion flowers from the garden. They were glowing in the sunlight and dyed my hands yellow. The collected flowers will be turned into Dandelion Wine 2010. Cat says I should sell the country wines for a few pounds a bottle, a nominal charge. These Dandelions were picked before the Lawn Mower went over them.

This Viola was growing in some deep grass in the back garden. This plant had escaped from the right hand border. It was bitter sweet cutting the grass as we have to do it because we are leaving this house. I told Cat we would end up having to cut the grass in our new house once we move in. We should have the keys by Friday.

This morning up at the allotment I planted my Cabbage, Broccoli, Swede, and Garlic plants in the prepared beds. Cat helped me tie the canes together to make a cage frame, which we covered in netting. The allotment is surrounded by Trees and hedging and has a good population of birds that dine on some vegetable plants. the net should stop the Pigeons nibbling on our Brassicas. The last thing we did at the plot was sowing two rows of Italian Carrot seed from Harrogate.

At the corner of the shed I planted my Tyre container, and a green hexagonal planter from home. I planted six Pansys, two Mimulus, one dark leaved Rumex, a pink and yellow Chrysanthenum, and another plant with yellow/orange flowers. I planted twenty Tigridia bulbs too in the containers.
The weather forecast is for rain over the next few days. It started raining when we were cutting the front and back garden grass. The only positive thing is that the new house has much less grass to mow!The garden is a lot smaller but I will pack it full of interesting plants and flowers.
Only two days to go for the keys. We will be packing boxes tomorrow. I hope the rain waters the gardens and the allotment to make everything grow.


Anonymous said...

When we were children we were always warned against picking dandelions (their nickname was "pee-a-bed") because they are a natural direutic. Its a shame so many of us think of them as weeds, they are quite a pretty flower and have alot of medicinal properties.

Mylovelyhens said...

Good luck with your move, take lots of photos of your new garden before you do anything, I can't wait to see how you transform it!