Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden Energy Boost

These Spring Flowers looked radiant in the warm sun. These deep pink, and royal blue Primulas were planted last year, and the Daffodils last November.
The Trees and hedgerows are turning green fast as leaves are growing. The Peach tree at the back of the garden finally has pink Blossoms on it, after none last year. The gardens Apple Tree's are developing the flower buds and leaves. Even my Mallus Braeburn in a pot looks healthy with lots of new growth. I might finally have Apples after three years!
The grass has started growing fast too and needs cutting.
The warm weather gives me loads of energy. I spent four hours today up at the allotment clearing the corner where the compost heap is. I want to dig a new vegetable bed tomorrow. My newly planted Onions were still in the ground. The first batch were picked out and rolled around by mischievous birds. The Potatoes have not grown on yet in their dug trenches,
The wild birds were singing from the tree tops, and the first Butterflies off the year were flying around the allotment in the sunshine. Its too easy to spend hours at the plot when it is nice weather.
I was in my own little world on my weekend off from work. I love the renewal of growth during April, the welcoming back of old friends like Primula plants, Daffodils and Cherry blossoms. The first sign growth from summer Bulbs like Casablanca Lily, and Oriental Stargazer Lily. The light green fern like leaves of the Welsh Poppies in the garden. My Tulips are opening open every few days, exotic colours in the lush green growth. The warm weather has caused masses of people to go outside to cut the grass. One of my the most evocative smells for me of spring is cut grass. The first cut of the year is so fragrant...
Spring is wonderful for working up at the allotment, and then coming back home to go outside into the garden. My arms and face are tanning beautifully. I love the sun on my face, and the wind in my hair.

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