Friday, April 16, 2010


These Primulas have regrown in the border and exploded in colour. They have a deep orange/yellow colour. They died back almost last year so its a pleasure to see them look s0 beautiful today..
I have finished my night shifts now so I can get to the allotment over the weekend.
I have a new laptop to test out, to try and blog from it on a new internet provider too.
Its very cloudy outside now. The Goldfinches have been eating at the bird feeder station. I cant wait to get into the garden and the allotment.
The main news here is that the UK's airports are closed down due to an Icelandic volcano shooting ash high into the atmosphere. I worried about it effecting our health, and wildlife/plant life. The scientists say it wont be visible by the time it comes down from 30,000 feet.
The weekend is nearly here.


Anonymous said...

You got a nice blog here and I enjoy it a lot!! Still covered with snow where I live in the north of Sweden but soon...hopefully my balcony will have a pots of colour :)
take care

Sue Swift said...

Hope you manage to take a photo of the goldfinches so we can see them.