Friday, April 30, 2010

Moments Like This..

The Cactus we bought from the Spring Flower show has begun to open one of its magical red flowers. I never believed how beautiful desert flowers could be. They are so magical and mystical unfurling in such inhospitable places. I have never been able to induce a Cactus to flower so I will enjoy this one. That was one special moment today seeing the buds opening.

Mission impossible music..The Squirrel was back today in the garden. He got very confused about where the feeders had gone (we keep moving them to stop the birds food rotting or sprouting in one area of the garden.)
He ran from the back fence, through the honeysuckle, onto the greenhouse. Up onto the garage roof( photographed), then along to the Wisteria by the gate. He jumped onto the ground, ran into the patio windows then leapt up onto the right hand fence..

He started to eat my Sunflower seed heads from last years two giant Sunflowers. They were left hanging over the winter for the garden birds to feed on. He ate from the smaller withered Sunflower seedhead which is nearer to the fence level. I loved seeing him acting Squirrel like in our garden.It was another magic moment..
After the Cactus Flower and the acrobatic squirrel we went into town to buy things for the new house. The estate agents rang and we finally got the keys to the new house ! A great ending to a memorable day.
The new garden awaits...

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