Monday, April 05, 2010

Conifer Chorus

Its Easter Monday today and I'm finally off work for two days. The weather is typical for a bank holiday, wet and windy.
This bird was sat in the conifers singing away.I think he is a very musical Dunnock. He stays away from the bird feeders and prefers to dine on insects. He is singing now as I write this on the dining room table by the patio windows.
The RSPB released their big garden watch bird count results from January. It showed that the cold weather had effected the smaller birds like the Long Tailed Tits and Goldcrests .
Traditional country birds were seen in gardens eating from garden feeders.
The Goldfinches have found the bird feeder station which I have started to move around the garden to stop a build up of dropped seed. The Narnia lights and left raised border are recovering now. The birds normally find their way to the moved station quite quickly.
What I need to buy once we move is a cast iron Birdbath like the one that the garden has here. The birds all alight to drink and wash in it. The station has a little plastic bowl but the big birds prefer the big one.
Cat spotted a visitor the other day who alighted on a roof across from our house. I will blog about him next time. He has a long beak, long legs, and loves fish...
I hope that the rain stops enough for me to go to the allotment today to prepare the beds for planting. The weather is forecast better for tomorrow.

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