Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Sunday

This Daffodil is a beautiful two tone colour, with white outer petals, and the burnt orange trumpet. The Fire Tulips behind are fading away now but make a contrast to the cool Daffodil flower.
I went to the allotment today to plant the Onions. I planted the hundred white ones in the bag, and a bonus two rows of Red Onions from Hils. I planted the Turbo Onions today. My Stutgarter Onions had been pulled up and moved around all over the bed. Hils think the birds lift them up from the soil.
I found rodent teeth marks too on a rotting seed Potatoe. The mouse had chewed the central part which was not rotten. There must be quite a lot of resident wildlife that shares the allotment when im not there!
The sun has been out partially today, but the wind was cold. The first Dandelions have started to flower along grass verges. It will be Wine making soon if I can collect enough flower heads. I saw Daisys, and Buttercups flowering too along the Walton road. The warm weather has made the Tree's start to open their leaf buds. Even my gardens Lilac Tree is beginning to stir in the Spring sunshine with the first unfurling of green leaves.
I am working night shifts next week so the allotment will be left to its own devices for a week. I have grand plans in my head, and a shopping list to make the plan a reality.
I hope that Cat and me can get a moving date into our new house....

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