Monday, April 12, 2010

Showtime Plans

The Camellia has got three of these lovely pink buds on it. Last year it looked quite poorly with brown leaves, and it dropped all its buds. It looked like it was going to keel over.
The plant has regrouped over the winter, put on new growth, and even got flower buds on it now.
Healthy Camellias look beautiful with their very thick glossy leaves. They make me want to clean them of any muck they have on them.
This plant will have pink flowers. I did buy a Camellia with white flowers but it never survived the winter.
I was writing in my diary the dates of the flower shows. The 22nd of April will be the first of the year the Northern Horticultural Societys Spring Flower show. That should be special with the cold winter delaying the early flowers by a month.
I want to go to the Tatton Park RHS flower show, and the Great Yorkshire Show in July. The last show of the year is the Autumn Flower show in Harrogate in September.
Of course the biggest flower show in the world is the RHS Chelsea flower show from the 25th of May. I want to mention a garden for people to visit made by skilled young people...
I was reading today about the Buffalo Garden Walk on the last weekend of July (24th to 25th this year) in the USA.
Over three hundred gardens are open for free visitors to walk around them through a variety of distinct districts. The event is run by volunteers and there are no entry charges!The flags designed for lamp posts are beautiful too. If i was in New York in July I would love to go there.
I might buy a white flowered Camellia from the flower shows. These gatherings are part of the Horticultural calender. They are where you can bring your friends or family year after year to go shopping, eat and drink, and look at a plethora of beautiful gardens. The RHS shows have the added bonus of trying to guess which gardens will get the gold medals..
The many ideas you see can be brought back to your own garden. The shows reinvigorate your green fingers.

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Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Garden Walk Buffalo is actually the last full weekend in July - this year, it's July 24 & 25, 2010. Thanks for the mention!