Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blossom Blooms And Shopping

The garden has a variety of Fruit trees which are all flowering or will flower soon. The first tree grows under the large Apple Tree. It is a Japanese Quince and it has crimson red flowers which when they are pollinated turn into strange Orange fruits. I don't know if you can eat them, or if they are purely ornamental.

The second flowers in bloom are on the Plum tree. Last year the entire tree was covered in April/May by masses of pure white fragrant flowers which perfumed the air. The Tree made so many Plums that the tree was being bent sideways under the weight of the fruit. I froze about twelve pounds worth in our freezer ready to make crumbles or wine.

The Peach Tree in the corner is festooned with Pink Blossom flowers. This had no flowers last year and so never fruited. Unfortunately we will probably be moved before I can see if this tree produces fruit. We have had plenty of sunshine over the past few weeks which has made everything grow on madly. I do no know if you can grow Peach Tree's in Yorkshire with its heavy clay soil, cold winters, and wet weather. Peaches need the sunshine like me...
Around Wakefield there are masses of ornamental Blossom trees. Some are so heavy in flowers that when the wind blows it looks like white or pink snow in the air, and around the Tree. For me Cherry Blossom trees always remind me of School days (Schools always have them planted near them) and give me a happy feeling.
Cat and me had a busy day today buying things for the allotment. Four heavy stone slabs for a base, a 220 litre water butt and a stand , and some guttering to siphon rainwater from the shed roof into the but. The shed now has our heavy duty lock on it after Cat fitted it.
However we could not fix the guttering due to the strange shape of the sheds sloped roof! I need to wait until next week to continue the allotments rainwater revamp.
I also bought a new red watering can for the allotment from Hampsons, in readiness for when the shed has guttering to collect rainwater. There are four white mugs ready to be taken to the plot. There is nothing nicer than a hot cup of coffee or tea when you are having a busy day at the plot.
We are going to Harrogate for the first flower show of the year tomorrow. It has been almost seven months since the Autumn one.
The growing season is here again. I want to return from Harrogate with sundries for the allotment, a few plants, lots of photos, and inspiration for our new garden.

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the wild magnolia said...

While visiting in Boone NC, I discovered Quince growing, on a shrub. I did not know what it was until the campground owner returned. This fruit is small, pear shaped, and has a deep red color.

I see from your article the color may change after pollination. I will be doing research. One day we will finish with traveling and settle down. I want to grow Quince, among other fruits and vegetable.

Thank you for sharing.