Friday, March 28, 2008

Three Colours Spring

Blossom flowers on a fruit tree at Swillington yesterday. I spent too much money but came back with lots of plants and some seed to attract the Goldfinches.

Iris Cantata at Hil's yesterday. They are like Monet paintings with Blue, white, and yellow.They were quite delicate. I hope my Dutch Iris grow on as well soon.

Back in my own garden the few Crocuses that have opened. They look spectacular as buds then either get eaten or deflate like popped balloons. Next years Crocus will go into the windowbox to see if they fare any better.
A wet and windy day.I just watched the birds.Its back to work over the weekend.I hope to dig the last ghost bed at the allotment on Monday if its dry..
There are so many projects and things growing, no shortage of subjects to blog about.


David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy,Thanks for your comment.I love your profile photo with a camera at the ready.

lisa said...

Glad to see you're in full swing this early garden season! I'm still in winter mode...*sigh*.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa,I have been in full swing since December.I have one Muscari and one Daffodil in flower..wa hay!
The crocuses have finished their flowering so its time for my other spring bulbs to start flowering now!