Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chilled Day

A late post on Saturday night.I have had a quiet day with no gardening or digging up at the allotment. Its been freezing with high winds and hail stones, with snow forecast for the UK. The cold snap has taken out my eager seedlings in the greenhouse (Remind me next year to sow seeds later). I need to reorder my Tumbling Toms tomato seeds from Mcfothergills.
In the right border the mystery bulbs have flower buds on them now, and Muscari flower buds are pushing up through the strappy other leaves.
The strong winds brought down some branches from the nearby Fir trees behind the Privet hedge. I collected them and stuck them in the garden fence near the feeders. Trying to tempt the Goldfinches down into my garden. The Niger seed will be the next plan if the pine cone branches do not work..
Back to work again tomorrow.Its Easter Sunday and a bank holiday on Monday. I hope to be up at the Allotment on tuesday.
The Collared Doves are returning now to my garden to enjoy the Bird table. I replenished the fat balls, ground feeders, and sunflower seed feeder today.
The bird was dozing in the freezing wind, with his feathers fluffed up like a thick duvet.I was snug inside on the sofa chilling out, watching The Waltons DVD which I picked up from the Royal Mail delivery office as it was too big to go through the letterbox on Thursday.

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