Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Wilderness Yesterday

The photo yesterday from the Bottom of the Allotment plot looking up. The compost bin to the right belongs to Mr Saddiq, the guy who wons the first third of the plot!
At the top left is the most enormous bramble bush that runs for eighty foot across.
Blackberrys must be in abundence later in the year.There may be Blackberry wine started off this year.
Gardners need good imagination to see into the future, and how a piece of land or soil will look with cultivation.
I think it faces southeast, and was very windy yesterday.My days off will be split between seed sowing and clearing the Allotment plot.Hils called it the Wilderness!
Under the grass/brambles/weeds is a dark clay soil.I felt it betwen my fingers yesterday.One long thirteen hour shift to go before I can take my tools and make a start!

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