Tuesday, March 04, 2008

White And Dutch Style Flowers

The Polyanthus Blue Shades showing many colours besides blue! A white flower, and a cup like blue and white, like my Dutch coloured pot with the Queen Of The Night Tulips.
It was a cold start with some frost on the bird table. The garden birds have been flying in and out all morning.
The mouse was back today feeding on sunflower seeds that have fallen from the feeder.He has moved to the Butterfly Bush end of the right border.
I want to plant my signature plant today. At Hampsons I found a perennial Astrantia Major which is what flower adorns the top of the Blog page. The colour on the packet is pink, but still the recognisable pin cushion flowers.
Snappys garden will have an Astrantia Major I hope flowering in the summer!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Snappy !
Pretty picture of this (Primula ?) .. Astranta Major is one I have as well, in the original standard colour .. white .. but what a beautiful flower structure !
Nice pick !

Angela said...

What a wonderful little flower, love the colour, beautifully photographed too, I hope it does well for you

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Joy,The flowers are on the Polyanthus plant.The Astrantias on sale wer red only.I am keeping my eye out for a traditional white/lime green one!
Thanks Angela for the kind words.It has beautiful little flowers, thats buds start off like cups that have been collecting the rainwater.Little mini oasis's!