Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cherry Blossom And Bulbs Of Summer

An unknown Cherry Blossom tree that I photographed on the way upto the allotment.It was foul weather last night with gale force winds and rain.I worried about the tarpaulin being blown away. I got up this morning to take some stone slabs upto the plot. I put them onto the black covering.
It was even more rain sodden than yesterday.I nearly got blown over from the strong winds. The front gates were really hard to shut as the wind blew them apart.
I went shopping after my short visit to the allotment for summer bulbs and spent this afternoon planting them, and weeding the borders a little. I planted the Purple Sage and Chamomile i bought from Swillington.
I planted three Poppies, six Dahlias,ten Iris Hollandica Blue Pearl, twenty four Freesias in Blue, yellow, and white,eight Peacock Orchids from Hils, Fifteen Gladiolus in Blues, and whites,TwoIvory Coast Lillys, five Anemones Mr Fokker, and five Anemone The Bride,and finally six Crocosmia Lucifer's . Ninety three Bulbs in all have been planted..
The Spring Bulbs are still coming up.I have a few mystery plants emerging from the soil too. March is a month where the garden seems to come to life after slumbering through the winter.I am too organised planting for the Summer when we have not quite left winter.
I love Cherry Blossom trees.If I had a bigger garden they would be on my wishlist.Its back to work for me soon so the posts will slow down over the next four days!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is a beautiful shot of the cherry blossom ! .. loks some what like our apple tree blossoms .. we have so long to go yet .. I'm very jealous !
A friend near Shropshire said they had really bad weather too.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Joy,I hope that reading other garden blogs can keep your spirits up untill Spring comes to you.For me its Forsythias and Cherry Blossom trees that make me think of Spring.
I'm hoping it stays dry when im on nights so the Allotment can dry off. Working a dense clay soil when its waterlogged was hard work!