Saturday, March 01, 2008


Despite being exposed early when the weather damaged its covering leaves this Muscari is developing beautiful blue and yellow buds. With the Crocuses these are my early nearly spring warning flowers!
The Ghostly Gardener had planted these in the big blue ceramic pot. Multiple spring bulbs have grown but I need to identify them once they develop flowers.
The garden looked okay this morning after eighty mile hour winds battered Wakefield and the north of England. The garden birds have been out in force this morning as I drank my last coffee before bed. Two more nights to go before I can garden again.
Its the first of March. My namesakes Saints day, patron saint of Wales.


Sue Swift said...

I'd forgotten it was St David's day. As I spent six years in cardiff, I should really have been wandering around all day with a leek in my hat. But I suspect i'd get a few funny looks in Milan ...
Happy name day David, or as they say in Italy - Buon onomastico !

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sue,That made me smile.You should have worn a leek in your hat!
I tend to remember St Davids day as it is four days before my birthday, and of course its my namesake Saint!
Will catch up on your blog soon!

MeMeMe said...

hello there.... found you on google. If you have the time, please drop by my blog. My post in april 10 will show some bulbs that I transplanted. I'm not sure what they are, someone says it could be muscari. Kindly take a look at picture A. thank you so much!!!!!!