Friday, March 14, 2008

Blue Days And Catnip

The photo is of two Polyanthus Blue Shades plants. I love the way the reflexive flowers are held in the air, saying please pollinate me to passing insects.
They are Blue, with occasional white, and dutch porcelain coloured flowers. There are two plants on the left border and two plants on the right.
After I woke up I spotted the Black Cat that has been entering the garden.Once she ran off I went outside.She has been eating the Catnip Six Hill Giant, which has had all its growing tips chewed off!
I dont mind Insect damage but I dont even have a Cat!I loved the picture of the flowers. Its never occured to me that the plant would attract the attention of the Neighbourhood moggys!
I might have to dig it up and grow it on a bit.It is only a baby plant and cannot take a lot of Feline damage.When its bigger it will be okay.
The Bird table has been moved about today to by the Viburnum. The birds still flew down to it, although the Cats visit cut the visitors short. They have many eyes the Garden Birds from the Privet hedge.They are wise to the cats visit!
Three more nights to go for me. I am keeping an eye on the weather as I walk to and from work. Dry weather is what I need so I can clear the next allotment bed/s. Two long ones perpendicular to the Potato bed.
I have Onion Sets to plant, Potatoes in April, and Cabbages growing on. I have planted some seeds for Brussel Sprouts and more cabbages in the Greenhouse!
I wander if the Catnip will survive the end of Winter?


Anonymous said...

Hi david. i promise that i wont nibble your catnip if you let me into your garden lol. I love seeing what's new and usually notice something you haven't. have fun on your nights. wish i could be working with you, but as you know i'm still off sick and hating every minute of it.hope to see you soon when your nights have finished.

David (Snappy) said...

It needs growing on a bit before you can nibble the Catnip.Hopefully you will be fit enough for work again soon.will see you after the nights. you always notice things that i have not seen, fresh pair of eyes :)

Anonymous said...

aww snappy, sorry you have a cat lurking where your birds are.hopefully you can stop it you need your garden birds. glad cat is on the mend.

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I have given up trying to grow catnip. My cats roll in it and eat the baby shoots till the plant is dead. It is a pretty plant, but for cat lovers like me, impossible to grow.
Blackspot Cat is a beauty, is she friendly?

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anonymous,Cat is slowly on the mend..
Hi Salix Tree,Welcome back!The catnip can be used in cooking too apparently.I hope I get a chance to try it out before the moggys eat it all!
Blackspot is quite chilled, but nervous if i go outside when she was there.