Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Under The Weather

After the four thirteen hour days I was too tired to venture out to the allotment today.I have some sand to add to the first rectangular bed to try to aid the awful drainage problem.
There are the two smaller beds to dig over, and the first bed to properly dig.The snow has melted and the day has been overcast.
I got up late and did some spring cleaning of the house.I will take more photos tomorrow of the garden and the allotment.Plants grow better when you dont look at them for a few days.
My fav coloured flower at the moment is the Muscari. I have another ten or fifteen plants growing the grape like buds slowly.The one in the blue pot has been in flower for weeks now.I love the Blue colour with the Yellow hint on the buds end.
I have four days off to recover from work, and to get some more gardening done!

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Sue Swift said...

It must be great to have long chunks of time off, but you certainly make up for it when you're working! Oh well, once you're over the initial exhaustion I suspect you'll be back on the allotment fairly quickly :)