Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blue Shade Saturday

A late Saturday post before bed, and another long day tomorrow. I had planned a day at the forgotten plot, but was so tired after two hectic days at work that i have delayed it untill my next days off.
Hils took me to a nursery in Swillington, where we spent two hours wandering around plant heaven, and all manner of garden sundrys.
I came back with a modest collection of plug plants for sixty pence each, two Herbs for £1.10 each, a bird seed bell for the garden birds, and two Eryngium bulbs for the butterfly border.
The plug plants were six Million Bells trailing plants, Two Bectopa Snowflakes, Two Fuschias, and one Geranium plug plant.
With Cats help (She is out from hospital and better now) I made the four tier greenhouse in the living room, then moved it outside. All my seedlings have now moved into the greenhouse.
I planted eighty four cells with French Marigold seed tonight.I have the first photo of the Forgotten plot (Allotment) today. I took Hil's up to see it.
I walked the edges of it. It is about thirty feet long, and twelve feet wide.We met one half of the couple who bought Fifty pounds worth of Manure which is stacked at the far end of the Allotments by a tap.
The plan is for me to start monday to clear the Allotment, one third at a time. It is overgrown with grasses, brambles, and tall dried red weeds.I need to clear the paths down the edges and think how to make the plot into four beds...
The photo is the Polyanthus Blue Shades, I love the variety of colours from dark blue to white to dutch porcelin colour. The flowers are held above the leaves on stalks, like the Harlow Carr Candalabra Primulas from last summer.
I will recharge the Camera batterys for Monday.Enjoy your weekends wherever you garden.

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