Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Gift From The Garden Birds

I found a Pea seed on the soil in the left hand border.I took it inside and dried it out further before planting it a few weeks ago. I imagine a Black bird found it then dropped it whilst startled, like in the Aesops fable about the Fox and the Crow.
It has germinated and is now happily climbing up the stick I planted for it to grow up. A new plant from the birds beak!
It will be planted outside in a month when it has warmed up a bit. Its enjoying the comfort of the kitchen window for now.


Angela said...

Healthy looking little plant, the free ones are always the nicest. A friend gave me a dozen or so Sweet Pea seeds yesterday which I have planted and are now sitting on the kitchen window sill.
An early Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow
Take Care, Angela

Kerri said...

I'm smiling about the rescued seed :) Gotta grow it! That's us gardeners, isn't it?
I've thoroughly enjoyed your HC photo tours this morning David, and all your other plants, birds and garden pics too. You're always busy!
More snow here for us today, but yesterday was sunny and spring-like. Lovely!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Angela,The unexpected plants you find are the best.Ones given to you, or ones found growing in the soil.My fav bird drop plant was a sweet night scented Purple Petunia.
Thanks for the early birthday wish :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kerri,I enjoyed taking the photos and walking around the parts of HC that were open after the high winds.I do like to keep busy too.I photograph a lot too, eye candy for the blog!