Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two Views Of The Garden

This was the thing I noticed in the garden..Its amazing what we see sometimes and what other people see in the same place.

A fly sitting on the Heather plant earlier today.I was amazed as he calmly sat while I photographed him. He was drinking the raindrops from the petals.

This is what Cat noticed.That the first Daffodil was nearly in Flower and it had caught some raindrops too. This was the bulb brought from Cheltenham when I did Mums new garden.She has now moved back into our old house and the departing tenants have let the garden go to ruin.

The original inspiration at Barley Close in Cheltenham that sparked my interest in Gardening.
The garden that launched 1000 plants (A la Helen of Troy) needs my greenfingers this Summer.
Swillington tomorrow and plant shopping.I can dream tonight of what I might buy for the garden and the allotment.

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