Monday, March 03, 2008

Milkweed And Cat

This is an Asclepias plant I bought from Hampsons. I told Cat on Thursday I thought it was named after the Greek demigod of Healing. A google search later:
The Asclepias flowers for almost nine months a year in bright orange and red flowers. Its due to flower from April untill November..
The plant itself is called Milk weed and has been used in traditional healing.
It is also used in Butterfly gardens to attract the Monarch butterfly. It is suprisingly toxic to everything else, and birds will not eat butterflys that fed off the plant.

To the Left is the Rod of Asclepius... traditional symbol of Medicine. Asclepius the Greek Demigod was a fabled healer who said was to be so skilled that he could heal all manner of ills, and even bring back the dead. He observed a snake bringing another one healing herbs.
He upset Zeus, so was killed by a lightning bolt, then brought back to life to sit with the gods on Mount Olympus. He also became a constellation of stars called Ophiuchus. The Serpent Bearer.
Linnaeus named the Milk weed after the Greek Healer due to its folk uses.
Cat has been poorly and was admitted to hospital during my nights. Get better soon Cat! She needs some Asclepius healing...


kate said...

I hope Cat starts to get better really quickly! It sounds as if some Milkweed might help - it was interesting to read about how this plant received its name. I love hearing these things!

kate said...

I don't know if my last comment took or not. I wanted to wish Cat well and a swift recovery. Your post was enjoyable - I loved hearing about how Milkweed got its name!

Anonymous said...

hi snappy, the story about the healer is good, but love the pic of the snake. Hope cat gets well soon and its nothing serious healing thoughts.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kate,I love finding out how plant names came to be.The history and storys make them more interesting and meaningful.Cat is getting better slowly...
You are welcome Anonymous..