Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunshine, Mud,And Bird songs

End of the day today. Its back to work tomorrow so thats it for this week I think.I am doing the wilderness clearing between hospital shifts. Two dug beds that need some edging and two ghostly beds that are outlined but not cleared or dug. The paths are visible that will need clearing of grass and weed supressing membrane laid down, so I can get around the vegetable beds..

Cat suprised me as I was busy in my own little world turning the first rectangular bed over to try to get it to dry off ready for digging over. Its still sodden wet. The compost bin of my neighbour is my coat stand with my bag and camera on a raised dry patch. I have exposed about two thirds of the Plot. The black covering will kill off the grass and weeds by cutting off their light supply.I am suprised how far I have dug though. The plot behind me has been covered by black plastic, and carpet.I wander if they will leave it for a year before attempting to clear it.I started from the top and am working my way down the plot.I hope in a year it has all been dug, cleared of weeds, and is growing soft fruit, rhubarb, and vegetables..

A work in progress today, the pop up green garden tidy and the busy fork posing for a photo.

End of the third day up the allotment yesterday (Tuesday) with three new beds roughly marked out behind the first rectangular bed. The boggy one with the plastic bottle is wet. Hils stepped in and nearly lost her shoe. The sopping clay sucked it down about five inches leaving a footprint embedded in the soil...

Cats Snap.. of the snappy gardener armed with a spade and grand ideas..

Fran volunteered yesterday to help me mark out the borders and clear the top layer of grass and weeds. I came back today and dug over the second rectangular bed. To clear the taproots and grass I dug down two spades deep. It took me four hours and I ran out of energy then.
A hot shower, and a Roast Chicken dinner later and i'm ready for bed before four long days in five days. Saturday may have to be a rest day.Im hoping for dry weather to dry out the first rectangular bed. It needs digging properly and all the weeds and roots removing.It was still entrapping my fork today and not letting go of it.
When the birds were singing and the sun shining it was quite relaxing up at the wilderness.It is progressing slowly.

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