Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mud And Charity

Mud, mud, glorious mud.. It rained virtually the whole time I was up at the allotment today. The third bed has been forked over.It needs double digging when it drys up.
I added some sand to the boggy first bed by the compost bin. Even simple turning the soil has made the drainage improve slightly.It needs to be dry before I can remove the weed roots and devil grass that is encased in clay..
Three and a half hours later and I was tired so I stopped. On the way out I met Mr Saddiq the guy who has the one third of the allotment. He seemed impressed by the transformation of the wilderness that has bordered his.
He says I can dig his beds over once I have done mine! The Two thirds I have done has taken three weeks so far.The last third is covered with the black tarpaulin.
He actually drove me back afterwards to the house, and saw the garden at the same time. He is going away for four weeks, I wander how much will be done when he returns?
The reason I have the allotment is that he told the allotment lady that he would give up the two thirds so another person could have one, as there is a long waiting list!
The recipient of that charitable urge was me, so once I have cleared my half tamed wilderness I will tidy up his beds and plant some onions, and courgettes for him (I have two Onion sets, more than enough for both plots).
Its going to rain for the rest of my days off so tomorrow is plant shopping at Swillington with Hils and Cat.
Here is to Mud and Charity :)


clairesgarden said...

nice to share the allotment, he seems to realise he couldn't keep control of all that space by himself. its nice to have gardeing friends, digging should be done bit by bit, not all at once, unfit back muscles will complain!

clairesgarden said...

ps. the beds look fabulous!!