Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goldfinch Enticing

As I sat yesterday I saw this Juvenile Goldfinch sat above my garden, closer than they have ever come before.I have a feeder hung up now with black Thistle seed, with small holes for the birds to eat the seeds from.
The Finches usually stay on the Fir trees behind the Privet hedge.I have not seen any in my garden yet.I hope the Niger seed and sunflower hearts can entice them down.The Goldfinches are the most beautiful colours on the head and yellow wing bars.
I have two long days, so the birds can chill unwatched this weekend.The Sky is blue outside.I hope it stays dry long enough for the allotment to dry out a bit.
Have good weekends wherever your gardens are in the world.


Di DeCaire said...

Gold finches love sunflower seeds so I plant branching sunflowers just for them every year. They are so happy when the seeds ripen that they twitter like teenage girls.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Di,I have sunflower seeds knocked off from a bird feeder that are germinating in the soil below.I will take your advice and leave them to grow so the Goldfinches have another reason to visit.I love seeing them but its usually in trees eighty feet from my garden.