Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crocuses And Community Garden

Its my Birthday today. I have been out to meet the Lady about the two thirds of the allotment. The weeds are as tall as me.I have walked from my house to the Allotment in ten minutes. The key is for the Allotment gate which is padlocked. It was cold and I never saw anyone else up there besides Jenny. She said I could borrow some black Tarpaulin to cover some of the plot.It is maybe twenty feet long and about ten feet wide.There was no visible soil at all!
At least I can surmise it is a fertile clay soil.There is a water tap behind a pile of Manure. They had also constructed a Community garden near the main entrance. A raised bed, with a circular path, benches, and an Arbour. She said this was for the Elderly in the community. I'll be interested to see if they come to sit and enjoy the Daffodils that were flowering.
I am sharing the plot with a man called Mr Saddiq. I get the impression he is not in the best of health as the plot was overrun with weeds, or that a full sized plot is a physical challenge to maintain.
I have come back to the house now, opened my cards and few presents. A cup with a Teddy bear holding an enormous heart from Cat. Some seeds, Bulbs, Chocolate, and a Magic Bean from Fran with my name written on the Bean. It came in a pot with the soil and instructions! Chocolate mini eggs from Cats parents....
The Crocuses in the top photo are nearly flowering now.The ones that were open last night were closed after a night temperature of minus four. The Hellebores droop, as do the Primulas when its freezing. The Crocuses close their flowers when its cold. The sun is shining now so the air should warm up slightly.
I am off shopping soon.I want to buy some stuff for the allotment.I wont be planting for a while though as I need to clear the soil and work out my plan!
I love a challenge. This garden was buried under weeds and brambles, the forgotten plot is too. I will have to split my time between the Community garden and the House garden.
Allotment is an old word too. I think community garden is a nicer description used in America.
I will call it the Forgotten plot untill I can come up with a nicer name. What a lovely Birthday present two hundred square foot of Yorkshire soil to grow Vegetables and Flowers.I am buzzing with idea's already. Will post later!


VP said...

Happy birthday! :)

Mine's next week - it's a great time of the year to be celebrating isn't it?

Philosophical Karen said...

Lovely photos. Happy birthday for real this time. For some reason "Allotment" seems a very British word. The last time I watched Coronation Street regularly (a long time ago) Jack had an allotment and there was a girl who grew some "special herbs". Well, it was kind of a predictable storyline. Anyway, you will soon have your forgotten plot in order. I'm looking forward to seeing your results.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

I rather like the word allotment; after all it is the plot of land alloted to you. To me the phrase community garden sounds like a shared garden space, a common space.

clairesgarden said...

Happy birthday!!
fabulous news on getting an allotment plot to share!!

Sue Swift said...

Happy belated birthday David. And I envy you your allotment, by whatever name!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful....

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks VP, Birthdays in March are sandwiched between Winter and Spring. Hope you had a good one!
Thanks Karen,It is an English type of word allotment.I was suprised to get the message on the answer phone.I was pleased though, and I hope you enjoy the photos I will take..
Thanks M Sinclair Stevens,I guess its pedantic thinking about a given word.I will see if it grows on me.The lady who rang me called the nice garden at the front with the seats and arbor a community garden, as a shared space..
Thanks Claire,It was good news and it means I can try to grow some fruit and vegetables for first time..
Hi Sue,I hope you can vicariously enjoy the allotment through my words and photos!
Thanks Anonymous!