Thursday, April 04, 2013

Good Gardening Day

 Its been a good gardening day.I bagged up all the remaining garden compost, top dressed the Hostas, Black  Bamboos,and cleared the area around the Himalayan Birch.I planted the Dog Roses in pots to grow on this year.This Primula has an amazing dark burgundy colour.
 The Peony is starting to grow from the soil.I hope this flowers this year..
 The Bleeding Heart plant is regrowing nicely, despite being frost bitten several times.The daytime temperature is nice but its still below freezing at night.The soil remains quite cool to touch.
The pond is looking slightly murky,as the algae starts to bloom again.Hopefully the water lily leaves will shade the water somewhat and make it clearer.
  The greenhouse is staying warm with the paraffin heater and the seeds are beginning to germinate.I am working nights until Monday so the garden will have to grow without me watching.

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L said...

I too am hoping my peony flowers this year.